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Estimate Works Painting Estimating Software products are specially designed for professional painting sub-contractors, tradesmen and interior decorators. Our software is an investment that will deliver results both immediately and in the long term. Our professional quality proposals will help you convert your estimates to contracts. Deliver your proposal on-site immediately using a laptop or tablet PC for even better results. Then use our mail merge and customer reports to follow up and keep in touch. 

Compare our product features and select the product that is right for you. You can upgrade at any time as your business grows. Purchase and download software for immediate use! Click Here to see what our software can do for you! 

Our No.1 Selling Programs! - Hundreds of copies sold To painters around the world! 


Runs Inside Microsoft Word  Estimate Works™ for Word Painting Estimating Software  Estimate Works for Word - Details

Integrated with MS Office for professionally formatted proposals every time. As easy to use as our Painting Pro software but with many more new features! Available in Single user and *Enterprise (multi-user) versions.  

  Unlimited proposal formats
  Completely customizable
  Import/Export Estimates*  
  Import/Export Rates*
  Integrates with QuickBooks
  Mail Merge for client letters
  Bonus Photo Insert tools 
  Scheduling (with MS Outlook)  
* Available with Multi-User version only.
Estimate Works for Word - Details View Sample Estimates and Reports
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$429.00 US (Single User)
$795.00 US (Multi-User)
 Estimate Works™ Standard Edition Windows Painting Estimating Software  Estimate Works Paint - Details

Our top selling stand-alone paint estimator software for the budget conscious painter! Deliver estimates on-site for immediate results. 

  50 Rooms or Areas
  Interior and Exterior Forms
  Unlimited Materials and Rates
  Unlimited Windows and Doors
  Work Orders 
  Estimate Details 
Estimate Works Paint Pro 4 - Details View Sample Estimates and Reports
Purchase Estimate Works Paint Pro 4

$295.00 US
 Benjamin Moore Canada Painting and Decorating Services Contractors Only!  Estimate Works Paint - Details

Benjamin Moore Painting and Decorating Contractors that have received their registration code from Benjamin Moore Canada can log on here to download the full program and updates when available. 

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